Thursday, March 29, 2007

Laettner, 15 years ago yesterday

So, I was watching my favorite sports show, Pardon the Interruption on the TiVo and they did there happy anniversaries. Yesterday's was too Christian Laettner and Duke.

But why you ask, well, scroll down and see. I can still remember watching this game in my parents living room. Wombat was a tad annoyed because Tex and I would not leave until this game was over. But, afterwards, she even said that it was exciting and worth the wait.

Songbird, when I saw this, I thought you of all people might appreciate it.

I have determined a few things. First, that this is still an utterly amazing sequence in sports history. Verne Lundquist knows how to call a last second buzzer beater. And, I am getting freaking old!!!


Desert Songbird said...

Hey! Thanks for the thought!

You know, regardless of how one might feel about Duke, a true sports enthusiast should appreciate the absolute extremes of this moment: the sheer and utter joy of victory, and the agonizing, crushing blow of defeat.

Hill to Laettner - one of THE BEST moments in sports and March Madness history.

Anthony said...

That court-length view is the one I'll always remember. Great presence of mind to know that he still had time to dribble and turn. A lot of guys would have rushed it and probably missed.

Kind of reminds me a bit of the Doug Flutie Boston College hail-Mary play. Everybody remembers Flutie, but who caught it? Grant Hill made a great in-bounds play, too.

Desert Songbird said...

Errgh....someone HAD to bring up that Doug Flutie play, huh?

Anthony said...

Why not? It's the basketball version of the hail Mary play.

Sparky Duck said...

Songbird, we may not be able to stay friends if you are a Hurricane fan. And of course its Phelan catching the miracle pass from Flutie.

Turnbaby said...

OK --thanks--I've only seen THAT frickin shot five million times LOLOL and yeah--i am a true sports fan and part of me says yeah great shot but the soul of me--the BIG BLUE BLEEDING PART --aches and STILL wants to kick Pitino's ass for not putting a man on the inbound! SEE?!?!? This is how it remains--all these years later. Oh my!

Anthony said...

Phelan. Never had a cereal named after him, eh?
Phelan Phlakes.

He would have been a natural fit in Philly.

J-Dawg's Realm said...

You know what I totally forgot? That game was played at what USED to be The Spectrum -- Oh the memories in that building! WWF (now the WWE), concerts, 76ers, Flyers....oh to be back then again :)

The Dawg was here!

Desert Songbird said...

Ooooo, I could feel Turnbaby's pain on that one. Not that I'm a Kentucky fan (just the opposite), but it's heartbreaking when your team is at the losing end of a Play of the Century.

And, no, Sparky, I am a rabid anti-Hurricane fan. Most Notre Dame fans are. But it seems as if Boston College has been the dagger in my heart waaaaay too many times (for one reason or another).