Monday, March 12, 2007

Da Comments 3

I have been a bit slow, but, maybe it will be worth the wait?

From, "Is Hillary Right?"

Anthony said...
It is starting WAY too early. I fear voter burnout by next summer. I have to keep reminding myself that it's still 2007!
I think the Republicans could band together to "get" Hillary unless Rudy runs. He has as many skeletons in his closet as anyone, so the personal attacks will not work.
The really amazing thing that I saw today was a straw poll that ranked the Republicans. Sam Brownback still had 15%. (Rudy was the frontrunner) He is truly a frightening man, and I can only hope that he doesn't build up steam and accidentally get elected.
I'll be blogging from Canada.

And now I am hearing that Hagel seems to be turning himself to make a run. Now if he is not a crazy wackjob I dont know who is. Get me a Passport application please.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...
Help me draft Al Gore.

Tell me How!

Nancy said...
It is way to early in the game to listen to all this, ummmm, stuff!
I am sticking w. Obama. I just don't get why everyone hates Hilary so much. If she gets the nomination I will be right there doing everything I can to see she gets in.

I think Hillary seems to have a few problems against her. She comes off as too polished or crafted, you never get a sense of her emotion at all. And then there is the whole just utter hatred that the Conservatives of the country have for anything Clinton.

on the "Frio Manifesto Ver 2.0"
Lady Jane Scarlett said...
Ahhhh yes. Hawaii. I wish I were there right now. I liked the Big Island the best, you? :D

We only visited Oahu and Maui, and Maui was just phenomenal. Waikiki was specatacular too, but it also felt like something I could see in the Bahamas or Bermuda. Maui is incomparable to anyplace else.

kailani said...
I'd recognize that view anywhere! That's the Royal Hawaiian Hotel! I used to work there! Lower 80s today. Oops, sorry, didn't mean to rub it in ;-)

I knew the Pink would give it away.

On "Sweating and Breathing Easy"

Anthony said...
Hop on over to WIP's site. They are having a bracket contest with cool prizes.
I already have my favorite picked out. They'll probably get a #1 seed, but I really doubt that they'll get to the finals. They were 6 to 1 when I was in Vegas in January. If they win, I'll be kicking myself for not putting a futures wager down.
The Jayhawks.

The Jayhawks are a very good team, though Bill Self as a coach would make me a little bit nervous. He is no Roy Williams. I have to study my brackets still to figure out who the dark horse will be and where the Jayhawks will go. And you cant go wrong with WIP!

on "Todays Annoyance"

Lady Jane Scarlett said...
I heard about it on MSN. But now I'm hearing that president may pardon Libby. How underhanded and slimy is that?
Will someone PLEASE give this president a blow job so we can impeach him??

Jane, if only it was that easy, though dont you know that the President is going to have to save a pardon for a little bit just in case Scooter does decide to roll over on his old bosses. I know, chances are a pig will get wings first, but...

On "This Party Needs some Margaritas"

Tug said...
There was a beer out...Tequizo maybe? Can't remember - I wonder if they taste the same?
And hey. I thought we were friends. A butt pinching party, & I wasn't invited? I'm HURT. I am SUCH a butt person.
**sulks slowly off pouting*

*wiggles for Tug* it tastes just like Tequizo

Jay said...
Beer margarita?!?!?
Just when you think there isn't a drink in the world that hasn't been down your gullet....

Jay, knowing you, I bet there have not been too many alcoholic beverages that you have not sampled.

Christie said...
i don't pinch either.i slap! haha! so is this drink good????? it sounds interesting! i am going to have to try it now! it's a possible candidate for st. pat's day party! is it green already? or should i dye it?

Slapping is good. The drink is very refreshing and then all of the sudden you feel buzzed. I think its dyeable, depending on how light a beer you use. I wouldnt think that Yuengling would look too good green. :)

on, "The Thursday Thirteen an NCAA One"

crowwoman / rhian said...
ummm - these are all sports related right? yup - there go my eyes, glazing over. My bestbud told me recently that U of I had to stop using their mascot due to native american protests. And that's as much as i retained from what i'm sure he considered a very important sports related conversation. And I probably only remembered that because my grandmother was blackfoot so i'm sensitive to those ethnic issues. Yay Indians... I mean native americans... i mean indigenous peoples...whatever.

Yes Rhian, Illinois has had to stop using Chief whatever his name is. Though I think part of the reason besides the whole insensitive thing, its also not very realistic looking, at least in comparison to Chief Oceola of FSU.

Wylie Kinson said...
Goodness - how does your mind hold all that trivia? I can barely remember my kid's names!!

Its all stupidity somehow Wylie. I should be on Jeapardy, except for the fact that I would be screwed in the science categories

Susan Helene Gottfried said...
You have a geeky brain, to be sure. This is a good thing. (I just hope the brewing contest doesn't have to do with trivia of this sort. Hmm. Brewing contest???)

Susan, you could be close to right, Contest wise, you will have to stay tuned :)

Newspaper Hack said...
From a South Carolina grad to the rest of the world (especially those in the northeast) -- yeah. Cocks. We get it.
USC's been around since 1801. The joke's gotten a little old and juvenile.
And maybe no one knows this, but the name came from Revolutionary War General Thomas Sumter, who was known as "The Gamecock." South Carolina also had another colorful guy in the revolution, Francis Marion, who was known as "The Swamp Fox."
If things had gone another way, Carolina would be known as the Foxes

Well, it wasnt really a joke, it was more of just a unique little thing about U of South Carolinas team. Plus, I am sure the school itself is not crying for all the merchandising they sell because people enjoy the Beavis and Butthead angle.

Carmen said...
No Cavaliers on your list? I'm saddened. ;) I don't need any help getting excited about the tourney. I'm just hoping that my Wahoos don't embarrass themselves. :)

Scary first round game Carmen. If I had to pick a Virginia team for this list, the Hokies would win out.

on "Bill Maher Wisdom"

Pam said...

Always love your laugh, Pam

on "Pop"

Lady Jane Scarlett said...
ugh. basketball.
can't they like, just have one quarter? The first three are really booring anyway...

Luckily, I am talking about College Basketball, which only has 2 halfs. Does that make it any better?

Anthony said...
I like GW to get in. Wasn't impressed with Clemson the couple of times I've seen them.
Selection Sunday should be interesting. Especially for Villanova and Drexel.
I have mixed feelings about the Wildcats. They're a good team, but often come up short in big situations. Down 26-2 in their last game at one point.

You and I think alike, since I had GW in the A-10 finals as well. If I was Bruiser Flint, I would be on every radio station in America screaming today. Of course, no one will care after Thursday, but it would make me feel better.


Tug said...

Just popping in to catch another glimpse of a wiggle. ;-)

Anthony said...

Bruiser did show up on the Midday show (Gargano & Martorano) and sounded a bit mellow. Maybe the realization has set in. He's trying to get his guys focused on the NIT.

I love this tournament. Even though I'm not a big college hoops guy, something about the format and the intensity of the games gets to me.

I like Kansas in their bracket. Also Texas Tech and Texas. That would make a Hell of a game if they can both advance.

Watch out for those Oregon Ducks (no pun intended) and that VCU squad.

I think you're right about the VaTech team. They may face KU in the Regional Semis, though.

Christie said...

Sweet! I'm totally dying it. Thanks! And re: blogging mental health, boy don't we all need it every once in a while. I'm refreshed too now!

Nancy said...

I love these posts of yours. Someday I will do one myself.

No doubt, Hillary is polished and crafty. Who wouldn't be after so many years in politics. I just think the republicans would go INSANE if the Clintons were back in office. And, wouldn't that be fun to watch. Plus they deserve as they are evil. ;)