Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A case of military hoof in mouth disease.

Day after day, it just gets way too easy. Well, not easy for the administration, just easy for all of its detractors.

Today, it was reported that the Joint Chief of Staff of the United States military, called homosexuality immoral. Suprisingly, this is not a post about the silliness of that statement. Dear readers, you can feel however you wish to feel about homosexuality. I do not know what the bible says about it, nor do I care. I will feel my way, and you can feel your way and we will all get along.

No, this is actually all about stupidity. I can rail on right now about how foolish I think the current administration is, how I hope that Florida does not win the National Championship because they are unlikeable, or my dislike for baked ham. Guess what, no one is going to overthrow the government, the oddsmakers in Vegas are not going to change there minds, and the pig farmers are not writing me angry letters. Why? Because I am not a public figure. This blog is my microphone, and it usually talks to about 30 people tops.

However, if you are someone who is in the national spotlight, you dont say things like this! Its going to cause issues, and backlash, and consternation. You dont hear the CEO of Walmart saying his store wont sell to homosexuals. He is in the public and knows not to stir up the pot. So why would the Joint Chief decide to stir things up? Maybe he does have hoof in mouth disease.

Now, how many times to do think the powers that be in the White House have been bashing there heads against a wall this week, because they just cant catch a break.


Anthony said...

I hope they keep banging their heads until they knock themselves out. Then, maybe we can get something accomplished.

Every once in a while, a public figure speaks what is on his mind. Generally, it's something lousy.