Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wile E Coyote

That was how most of the day went yesterday, at least in the Philadelphia Area when it came to good ole Sparky. Everytime I turned the corner, it felt like I was opening an Acme Box and getting smacked in the head by a sledgehammer.

My first hint that it might have been a bad day was the spool of ribbon that was running from the dining room and out to the front door. The worst part, this ribbon had started out on the dining room table. The furballs were at it again.

And, I got plenty of responses on my resume yesterday. Besides the spam opportunities of course, there were a few jobs that would have paid me less then I made in High School and were jobs that I may not have taken in High School. Not exactly a confidence booster, you know.

So, I was not exactly motivated to join Mrs Duck and a group of her co-workers down in Center City for a happy hour. Alot of the times I get around these folks, I feel like the deadbeat husband, even though I am told over and over again I am not. Then the topping on the cake of a day was the fact that the bar we went too had only one bartender and drinks took a half hour to arrive. Not the best plan to promote a happy hour and then have one bartender is it?

The night did end well with a trip to 5 Guys Burgers in Center City. They are definetly in contention for top burgers this side of the Mississippi. The burgers were fresh and greasy and the french fries really did plead for some malt vinegar, which of course I obliged them with. Not on the level of In N Out burgers, but a nice substitute.


Tug said...

Sorry about the resume' stuff, I totally understand - I've thought about going back to bartending - pathetic. Maybe the happy hour place is hiring?? ;-)

In N're evil Sparky, just evil.

Annie said...

Did you post your resume on Here's the thing about them; they pay just about as much attention to detail as, say, (Methinks you know my sad tale about them).

When I posted mine, with an emphasis that I was looking to switch careers and wanted a library job, all I got was offers for banking. Oh, and some retail auditing position in Pennsy (this, when I'd mentioned 'no relocation'). And, yes, it IS funny you were thinking the library thing, too. But with a degree, you'd get a position no sweat. Wasn't your mom a librarian?

tiggerprr said... know, I'm feeling your pain with the employment thing. I have an interview this Wednesday to do a lesser job than my typical job, but it's in Human Resources. Better than nothing I suppose, eh? Hopefully things will get better for us.

I LOVE 5 Guys. We have 2 here in Myrtle Beach, and actually, I find them to be superior to In-N-Out, and I loves me a good Double Double from In-N-Out (when I feel like exploding).

Anthony said...

I'm gonna have to get to that 5 Guys joint. I keep hearing good things about it. Good for the booze-woozies.

Good luck with the job search.

local girl said...

Never heard of 5Guys but it does sound like my kind of place. Sorry to hear about the job thing. Don't worry, the perfect opportunity will come around eventually!