Thursday, February 08, 2007


Ok, its sad, I feel bad for the womans newborn baby and her husband, and any of the family and friends that she was talking too. But why is this the top story on 6 O' Clock News?

Anna Nicole Smith Has Died

39-year-old Found in Hotel Room


The womans life has been a train wreck!! What has she done recently that would even be something that improved someones lives? Her movies were even horrible, its not like she was George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston. At least they can act! It makes me just shake my head, you could probably hear my eyes rattling from where you are. THIS IS NOT BREAKING NEWS!


tiggerprr said...

I totally hear you on this one. My first and only thought when reading it was "Drugs". She either OD'd or she killed herself because of something to do with her soap opera life.

Twyla said...

She's so crazy...this doesn't surprise me one bit.

Anthony said...

Not only was it the top story, but it's 8:51 and they're STILL yakking about her. Sad, really, but geez.

Until the autopsy, they're really just speculating, which is what the talking heads specialize in.

Tug said...

I think it was drugs, but MY conspiracy theory is that Stern 'helped'. I really think he had something to do with her son's death...and she knew. Just my thought. It's news 'cause she's been IN the news for so long. And the baby? Maybe...just maybe...she'll have a chance. Depending on who she ends up with. Poor little girl.

Christina said...

It's pathetic, huh? A death is always a sad event, but did this one really have to be all over the headlines? Incidentally, I heard about it first on a pregnancy chat board. The ladies over there are STILL talking about it. Wow.

Kukka-Maria said...

I'm with you.

The whole thing is a trainwreck! I'm sick when I turn on the news and see this. Um...isn't there a WAR GOING ON?

Momish said...

It is rather pathetic to say the least. That and, (as much as an animal lover I am), a three minute story carried on three major news stations about a starving puppy found in Camdem? Again, WTF??? Oh yeah, and then let's take three seconds to mention the shit load of soldiers that died in Iraq the same day!!