Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentinr, Im a follower

Its a Sticky, so if you are a repeat visitor, or could care less about Valentines Day and Valentinr and such, SCROLL DOWN PLEASE :)

My Valentinr - blujackit
Get your own valentinr

Ok, I saw this on one of the sights I frequent, though I am not going to name, names, ruin the whole confidentiality thing. *cough* think Canada *cough*. But, I found it cool and I am a comments junkie/Ho. So, click the button and send me a card. It will be a nice appetizer until Mrs Duck gets home on Valentines Day.


Twyla said...

Copy cat. LOL I actually love being copied...makes me feel important. :-)

local girl said...

Okay, I'll send you one :-)

Slackermommy said...

I may or may not send you one. You'll just have to see on V Day!

Trish said...

Canada? Hrm.. I don't know anyone from Canada... well.. maybe one or two people... :D