Wednesday, February 14, 2007


So, socked in due to fever and head congestion and all the fun that goes with it, the wife and I were watching Rules of Engagement on CBS. First off, it might have been the fever talking, but the show was not that bad. Plus, no matter what you think, its not all about David Spade, which is a good thing.

But, the episode itself dealt with a "Birthday Deal". In the grand scheme of things, a Birthday Deal is something that guys ask for on there birthdays that they would not think of getting at any other time. You know, Sportscenter all day, beer for breakfast, assorted sexual favors.

Now of course that got the mind working, and with Valentines Day upon us and all I figured it would be a good time to ask the question. Do my faithful readers have "Birthday Deals", Anniversary Deals or Holiday Deals? We dont have that setup here in the house, though if we did, while I wont go into details, there would surely be cheerleader skirts or a catholic school girl outfit. Anyone brave enough to admit there deals out there?


tiggerprr said...'re get better and I get sick...I get better and you get sick again. This is not good. LOL

Tug said...

No deals here...single & all. I do have a cheerleader outfit your wife can borrow if she needs a spare.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks for the valentinr!
Hope you sickos had a good one!

Anthony said...

No deals here, either. Another single person.

I haven't seen that "Rules" show yet, but so far, I can't get past the commercials, when I look at the screen and say, "Hey ... David Putty."

Christina said... deal.
Thanks for the Valentinr.

Twyla said...

No deals here either.
Our Valentine's Day kinda sucked too. I managed to escape being sick all winter, but it has now caught me, and I was in bed at 9. Ah, well...maybe next year.

Christie said...

hmm. not really any deals, but i guess we have the "option" of deals. i definitely let him pick whatever he wants or wishes for his birthday whether it's something to do (or not do) or somewhere to go. but we haven't had any interesting deals.i just realized how boring that sounds. we might have to kick it up a notch. feel better!!