Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Todays Corporate Hacks-Paypal!!

Now, paypal has always been a brillant little invention. Heck, I wish I thought of it in the first place, since as Ebay exploded, Paypal exploded. So it's with great pain that I throw out this nugget of discontent.

You see, Deadspin , a blog that I get all my sports news from, since ESPN and Fox Sports have now just become enterntainment shows, has been raising money to send to the family and platoon mates of one of there readers, who sent them an awesomely awesome picture from Iraq before he was tragically killed over there.

Well, it seems now, Paypal made a little boo boo when setting up the account and now they wont release the money. Some nonsense about compliance and not being a not for profit account or some gobbly goop. Now, coming from the banker in me, when it becomes evident that something is awry, you fix it for the customer and worry about the consequences later on. Paypal has decided to be chicken, er i mean careful, so the money sits for 3 months, before it can be used to buy things that the soldiers in Iraq want and need. Gotta love Corporate America.

So, go to paypal and send them a nasty little email. Or better yet, call them up. All the information is here from Deadspin.

Im not boiling yet, but I can feel the blood getting warm


Anthony said...

Remember Sparky, the "E" stands for entertainment. :)
ESPN was hit by the hockey strike, and when they started showing poker (and getting big ratings) it was all downhill.

Half the crap isn't even sports, which is what the "S" stands for.
Cheerleading, poker, rodeo, eating contests...

...I'm ready for baseball.

As for Paypal (and their corporate parent Ebay) I get spam e-mail's immediately after logging in, so I suspect there are bigger problems than what they're doing with money.