Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One down, two to go

The Eagles continued there amazing run the other day, disposing of the NY Giants, 23-20. Though, the outcome should not have been that surprising since the Eagles really had beaten the Giants 2 times already, if not for the total choke job in the first game.

Jeff Garcia continued to run the offense without making mistakes, and also continued his love affair with the fans of Philadelphia. It will take alot for the fans to forget about Donovan McNabb, but to me its nice that the possibility exists that it still might happen. Wilma, Donovan's mommie, has been doing her best to make sure the fans dont forget her son, including posts to the Family Blog about how bittersweet a Eagles Super Bowl run would be to her. Donovan, it might be time to stick a soup spoon in your mothers trap.

Besides Brian Westbrook proving that he is the caffeine that makes the Eagles run, and David Akers being David Akers, the game was actually quite uneventful. Once NY left the Eagles with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter, you kind of new the outcome already, before it happened.

So, Its off to New Orleans, the game that has any knowledgeable Eagle fan the most worried, especially with the loss of Lito Shepperd in a secondary that I have always considered suspect to begin with.

And on the Saints note:

Wordnerd, I am calling you out. You are the closest thing I know to a Saints fan, what do you say to a friendly wager???


Momish said...

Yes, I fear this upcoming game! But, hey after years of this kind of torture, I am use to it by now! Fingers crossed.

Anthony said...

Losing Lito is a big blow, just as losing Kearse was much earlier.
Playing on short rest against a team that is well rested and (probably) well prepared will be a big test.

The upside is that the football team is dragging us into spring training while the hockey and basketball teams stink up the joint.