Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Theres plenty of people smarter then me

So, in the end, I will let them rail on and espouse about tonights speech. Especially since when the shrub speaks alot of the time, I hear the Peanuts adult instead of whatever he is saying (wahh wah wahh wahhh).

But, the little ditty about Iran makes me more then nervous. Nothing like rattling a few more sabres. And if 20,000 troops is not enough, is it really a surge? And what about those poor soldiers that have to go into Anbar? Its like sending a few well armed cats into a house full of dogs?

Im not a prayerful type person, which is probably why I have been spiraling looking for something to attach my faith too. But, once I figure out what candle to burn, what chant to do or whatever will work to get me in touch with my guardian spirits, you can be damned well sure I will be doing it every night to pray for those poor brave souls that are going to make the sacrifices because we the people have asked them too.


Missy said...

If intelligence had anything to do with it we wouldn't be in this mess.