Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17 The Bad Philly One

Last week, I did what could only be called a glowing ad for tourism for Philadelphia. So this week its Thirteen Things that Stink about Philadelphia.

1.Mayor Street-He has been elected to mayor twice and the city has actually had more scandals in City Hall during that time then at the time before. The discovery of a FBI bug in his office actually might have helped him in his reelection campaign. Now that is taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.

2.The Fans and their reputation- I said last week that the fans live and die for there teams. They still show up even when the teams kind of stink. But, usually when the teams stink the fans show up to throw things and abuse out of town fans. I received a Favre jersey for my birthday, and I would have been nuts to wear it to the Monday Night game vs the Eagles, even if I rooted for the Eagles. I might have found myself hanging by my ankles from the upper deck.

3.Construction on 95-Now while it is not as bad as the disaster that is the major highways along the Connecticut coast around Bridgeport, its still a mess. They have been working on it for the 4 years I have been here and I still dont see any kind of end game in sight.

4.The Curse of William Penn-Its said that the city's forefathers made an agreement that no building would be larger then the William Penn statue at the top of city hall. And that when Liberty One and Two were completed, they started a curse that causes all the sports teams to lose at the most painful time. Now, I dont believe in curses like this really, but the teams in Philly do find a way to lose all the worst ways. And look what happened to Smarty Jones, 10 feet from a triple crown and he runs out of gas. That was the first time I really felt the pain of being a Philly sports fan.

5.City Wage Tax-Ok, I dont get it totally, but I do understand that if you live in the city or work in the city, you get a little bit taken out of your paycheck just for the power of living and working in the city. Doesnt that just sound great??

6.Philadelphia Airport/USAir-This is really a rant about USAir. They pretty much own the airport, because they have the most flights and have the most jobs. And really, all airlines have an awful time of staying on time, but one of the biggest gripes recently with USAir is the fact that there baggage handling is terrible. There have been reports that people have gotten off of planes, and flights that have landed 2 hours behind them have gotten there bags first because they flew with a different airline. Heck its happened to the Duck family. But, how does this involve the Airport itself? Well, they are like the landlords and USAir is the renter. Eventually as a tenant if you continue to have complaints for noise against you, dont you hear from your landlord?? Well, the Airport Association just chooses to let USAir get away with whatever they want. Its one time where heading to Newark is a better idea.

7.No Good Radio Stations-when Y100 went off the air, there was an outcry from many of the listeners in the area, because they were being replaced with another rap station, which would make for the 5th one in the listening area. And now there was no modern music. So far the only saving grace has been that most of the airstaff and some of there ideas on music have moved to WMMR, but I still cant listen to a good Goo Goo Dolls song around here without my Ipod.

8. I just want to make something perfectly clear, we all dont Talk like Rocky down here!!

9.If you think the Radio in Philly is bad, just watch the news!!. There is only one good newscast. You cant watch KYW because Larry Mendte is a smug, arrogant, arsehole. You cant watch NBC10 news because Hurrican Schwartz cant forecast his way out of a paperbag and he is the number one weatherman on that station. Plus, he insists on wearing a very distracting bowtie. So, its Action News or nowhere. Luckily, Jim Gardner is the man and Cecily is well, mmmm Cecily.

10.Moshulu-Yes, it has a nice view. But the food is overpriced and overrated and certainly not worth the view. Yet, somehow this place keeps getting 4 stars.

11.The accent is weird. Its one of those things that seems to fade in and out. Its not like the yawkee accent, or that sweet southern drawl. Its more like the people that have lived there lives here say some words with an extra o. Like Phooone and Hooome. Its just strange and takes some getting used to, or at least used to so you dont make fun of them. (I still do that though)

12.Conshohocken-I believe the town of Conshohocken is probably quite lovely, with the rolling hills and beautiful neighborhoods surrounding it. But, alot of the companies have left the city to avoid the wage tax and have moved to Conshohocken. So there are all these great jobs which are a bear to get too. You have to drive either Roosevelt Blvd (picture your main street with the street lights and the slow speed limit and then extend it by 20 miles) and then the Schukyll, which gets backed up if a bird lands on the road. And then add in some snow and you can see why alot of people just dont want to work in Conshy.

13.Comcast-they are the big gorilla in the city when it comes to the media and cable provider. So, they can charge an arm and a leg for poor service, poor choices, and poor products because they are the only ones. And forget about trying to get a local Comcast channel on your satellite TV, they hold onto them like a mother holds her young.

Honorable mentions to this bad good list:
-Hoagies arent Sub Sandwiches
-They cant make bagels
-Camden, enough said
-Mayor Street again, because he really is a boob

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bernie said...


I linked to you from my TT Saddam's Cat

Gina said...

Not everything could be good about your city ,eh? =P Interesting T13!

Chelle Y. said...

But, don't you have great cheese steaks? :)

Raggedy said...

I liked the last one better...tee hee
Have a wonderful Thursday and grab one of those vendor pretzels for me pleas?
My TT is posted

Amy The Black said...

Every city has problems. Sounds like Cincinnnati, just change the names.

Sarah said...

The Philly fans are as we speak harassing us about this weekend's game on our Craigslist and other message boards I frequent.


she said...

I think the sports fan issue is rampant in many cities. I remember having to be escorted by police after a football game in Winnipeg because we were cheering (and wearing jerseys) for the opposite team. The next week some fans attacked another out of town fan. I just don't get why fans feel the need to act like this. Sure, you want to support your team, but don't they understand that they're just making their home team look bad when they behave like this?

lady jane scarlett said...

I think that nowhere but Montreal makes bagels-the stuff here is merely round bread.
I had my first TT today also, thanks for the inspiration.

Kukka-Maria said...

Hilarious about the accent. The best version I've heard is Tina Fey--when she was on SNL. I think she said she grew up there, so her exaggerated accent (I hope it was exaggerated) was awesome!

Great list!

Noillirac said...

At least you have a city well-known enough to write about. If I wrote about my hometown people would say, "Huh, that's a place" Are people human there?

Pen said...

GREAT TT! Much of what you said about Philly could be said about Milwaukee as well. Add to it we only have ONE newspaper! A major city with one paper, huh?

Woohoo to your Favre jersey! ;)

My TT #3 is up at

Nancy said...

MY SIL lives in Yardley. Nothing like Philly! We did the Rocky stair thing when we were there.

Will you see the new Rocky movie? We only want to see it 'cuz Jesse from Gilmore Girls plays Rocky's son.

Christie said...

a boob. that's funny. and argh! our city has subpar radio stations too, it bugs me. two of my favorites have turned "rap" and i am beside myself. funny list! happy tt! and boooo usair! they threw out my sister's wine, that she CHECKED! boobs.

Tink said...

Well, I still think the pros outweigh the cons! :-)
My TT is about personal stuff from my past.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

And it's on the wrong side of the state, too. You forgot that one. *wink*

Happy TT and hang in there. There've got to be some GOOD things about the place.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I didn't know about the William Penn curse and I am a rabid Philly sports fan -Sixers and Eagles. So, yes I have died 1,000 deaths. As far as radio stations go, you need to tune in to WXPN out of Penn. (88.5) Adult alternative, head rock often after 8 p.m. at night. Best eclectic collection of music I ever heard. That's my two cents anyway.

Amy Ruttan said...

Great TT, very informative about Philly. I never knew that. I could do the same for Toronto or London.

Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

Never been there, but you have to take the good with the bad. I could have a ton of things to say about the DC area.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, does Seton Hill's radio station still rock so hard? Can you pull that in? I have friends who used to DJ there... Can't remember the call letters for the life of me, but man, I'd have killed to work there.

And yes, I'm back. I figure if you can leave pro-Philly notes on my blog, I can bug you mercilessly until you realize the error of your ways. *grin*

Starrlight said...

LOL now I am stuck on that Philly Cheesesteak commercial!

JAM said...

I grew up in a nowhere town in Louisiana with no pro sports. It's easier to get to Dallas from the town I grew up in than it is to get to New Orleans. New Orleans has the Saints. Despite this years successes for them thus far, their history is pretty sad. I totally can't relate to being a big sports fan of a local team.

Sorry it was so easy to come up with 13 things bad about Philly.

Mayble you'll have to stretch your brain cells and try to come up with 13 good things next.

kooky kay said...

I'm sure the good ones compensate for the bad ones.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Hi, Sparky Duck! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't know much about Philly 'cept I like the cream cheese very much (Mom lets me have some of the schmere off of her bagel sometimes ... ).

Jenn I Am said...

This is one of the longest TT's ever :) Heh! and yup - she told me in her sleep before she told me to my face. And it was after only a few weeks of dating (I took a bit longer!)

Missy said...

When I lived there I listened to 93.3 WMMR, it was when Collective Soul was first getting big and that was the only station that played that kind of music. Which I loved!

Trish said...

If a hoagie isn't a sub, what's a hoagie? (sawry - I'm Canadian.. I just don't get it. :))

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Suburban Mum said...

Yup the only thing I know about it is the cheese too :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anthony said...

Well, to be socially correct, it's "Billy Penn". But, to most people, the real curse falls on the head of Angelo Cataldi. Sports teams haven't won since he got here.

The building height issue was quite the firestorm in its day. Turns out to have been kind of ridiculous.

I've never really been a big Action News guy, either. Maybe it's the whole "dominance" thing. I can't bring myself to watch because they're so ... popular.

We boo because we love.

And, the city would have elected Hitler if he ran Democrat. Turns out Street isn't Hitler, but he's stupid enough to qualify. He called Ryan Howard "Ron" eight times on Ryan Howard day. Enough said.

It's still a great city, though. I'd rather eat at Capital Grille or the Locust Rendevous anyway!

PhillyBob said...

I loved the list...but you are way off about Mendte...I know him and he is the most down to earth guy I've ever met on TV. He's also a great writer. List was great except for that.

Marina said...

Oh the memories!

As someone who hails from Pittsburgh, this made me chuckle as I have been through Philly many times. Comcast is also big in Pittsburgh so don't think you're the only ones getting it where the sun don't shine.

Maybe it's time to take some of those taller buildings down for the sake of your Eagles! ;)