Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blogging Pandering version 1.0

I have started a photo blog, because I have this great new little camera from Christmas and I just dont share the pictures enough. I am slowly moving pictures in. It will be the exclusive, complete home of Project 365, though I will post some of those pictures over at this blog as well, just because some days you dont have anything to post about. I am also going to do something for the Hawaii Honeymoon eventually, especially since the weather is colder then an eskimos nose (you thought i was gonna be gross didnt you).

So, check out Sparky's Photo Hut. If your in the Project 365, leave me a link and I will add you to the blog roll both here and there. And if you already have me linked, put the Photo blog on your blog roll please.

Excellent, advertisement over, look for the Thursday Thirteen just a tad lower.


Tug said...

Awesome! I just got a new camera, & was thinking of the exact same thing. Will probably do it as soon as I get some pics built up.

I'm also looking for a water/ocean/lake-ish pic for the background of my blog. If you have any ideas, please let me know.