Thursday, January 25, 2007

yea Right

Cecily just said if your going out to play tennis, you better bundle up. Its -10 degrees outside. if your going out to play tennis, you need to be admitted to a psyche ward.


Brit said...

I am insanely passionate about hockey, and sports in general. I noticed you're a Buckeyes fan, sad championship game. :( I would love to see your videos sometime.

Anthony said...

It would depend, SD. If I were playing with Martina Hingis, then the temperature would be irrelevant.

She would be sufficiently warmed by chasing down my errant shots.

Baby Girl said...

You think that's crazy? I saw a man jogging down 32nd street with a a scull cap, a long sleeve shirt, tiny running shorts, ankle socks and of course sneakers. Now that's crazy.