Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blog Pandering vol 1.1

First off a reminder. Dont forget to check out Sparky's Photo Hut for all the best and possibly worst pictures that yours truly could take. Again, its the exclusive complete home of my Project 365.

And now, the new request. My niece is doing the National MS Walk and is looking for some donations. Its a good cause and since I am not in the financial spot to be Captain Helpful presently, I was going to show a little blogger love. So check out her Walk Profile and if you donate money, tell her Uncle Sparky sent ya, since I am not sure she knows about this blog.

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Biff Spiffy said...

Cool dude, and yes it's a hella good cause. My mom's got MS and while her case is pretty far advanced and (according to doctors) not very hopeful, I'm a big fan of coming up with ways to stomp out the disease.

Matthew said...

The pic of Bettina is so cute!