Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tagged in the Most Unusual Way

So, looking through my new little blogger toy Technorati, I see a link from a post I wrote a few days ago that was just absent minded babbling about Mary Carey. And lo and behold, it got me tagged, by Monks. And I thought his comment was spam. Turns out, its a Meme, and I will give 5 more people the same treatment. I guess its like throwing spaghetti on a wall, some of it will stick.

5 things you dont know about me, since if your tagged, Im a freaking stranger

1.Im a proud Blue Hen

2.I actually like a porn star or two, but Mary Carey isn't one of them

3.Its 1 am and in 14 hours my house will be filled with holiday fun, I should be sleeping

4.I would watch Wrestling on TV over Hockey on TV

5.Mice still scare the hell out of me, though less then it was, since I used to be pass out scared and now I am ewww scared.

Well lets see what comes up, or more like who. Oh and I am supposed to tag 5 people.

1. A Blue Hen

2. Isabella Snow Heck she has smut in her title of her blog, you have to know about porn stars then.

3. She spent 14 hours daydreaming about food. Oh and trollin craigslist

4. A bigger hockey fan then me. Like thats hard.

5.And a poor cat lover who got sucked into abandoned cats who were supposed to stop mice Though it seems like it will be much more trouble for her then the mice.

OK, my laptop is limping now, until next time...


AnnaMary said...

Wait a tick...I think you tagged me on this post (on my O Christmas Tree, Marine Style), but I don't understand!!!!! Help mee!! I'm late, but what do I do????