Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Still too hot to Handle

First off, ladies and germs, let me present Lady Jane's Scarlett Chili . Its possibly one of the most humorous recipes I have ever read, not that it takes much to have a recipe be humorous, but you get my drift. Its not like Mr. Food is a comedic genius or anything like that.

But, unfortunately, it was still too hot for Mrs. Duck. I tried my best not to get frustrated, since I had spent a decent amount of time preparing it and also had tweaked it to make it less hot, adding extra of the secret ingredient and using less hot pepper. Though I think I realize my mistake, I used Paprika instead of Chili Powder. To me, its all the same, but to some of those out there who are not heat lovers, it has to be different.

But anyway, try the recipe or at least read it cause it is humorous. Just dont blame me, I am only the messenger and I have already heard enough gruff for one dinner. Though, Mrs Duck does get a slight pass, shes sicker the Typhoid Mary.


lady jane scarlett said...

Thanks for the lovely shout out Sparky. I'd try using less chili powder, add in a bit for the roue and then as you go along. Even using 2 cups of the chili paste was too much-I have have sour cream chaser when I eat my own chili. Good luck and I hope Mrs. Duck feels better!