Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sad News and then useless information

There is nothing that annoys me more then the way the news channels fill us up with useless drivel then actually giving us the news. Action News on Channel 6 is really beginning to reming me of that awful Larry Mendte schlockfest on KYW, because while they tell a story, they dont really cover it. And when you think they are going indepth into something, its really just information that has been reheated and reserved to us again like some sort of leftover.

Case in point. A teenager shot himself at Springfield High School today. Its really quite sad, because it was obvious that this was agood kid that really was just trying to get a little noticed for his death, instead of turning it into a shootout at the OK Corral. But, after the 1st story, which gave all the details, they went into this piece about signs for your teenager possibly having suicidal thoughts. Some of these include...

-Frequent Sadness
-including writing and reading poetry with morbid themes
-listening to music with nihilistic tendencies
(ok this annoys me because most of the poetry I had to read as a kid was about death and morbid in its theme. Look at most of the things Shakespeare wrote. Plus, Alanis Morisette was not exactly happy happy joy joy when she sang and her last hit was 10 years ago.)
-Change in appetite and sleep patterns
(what teenager doesnt sleep all day when he or she can, and skip the big breakfast so they can get to the mall and get themselves hopped up on Starbucks lattes)
-Boredom/low energy
(I was bored every single day of my life, and I lived in the suburbs, imagine what those poor kids out in the boonies used to have to deal with)
-difficulty with relationships
(yep, thats a sure sign of depression, and not hormones. Little Katie was getting a smile from the starting QB, thats why she dumped you Stewie, it has absolutely nothing to do with you being depressed)
-Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and helplessness
(ok, finally, this is a sign of depression for anyone)

Hello, life of a teenager!!!

So, instead of doing a story about why Springfield High School has had not one, but two incidents with guns, they do a follow up story that will guarantee to rile up the parents out there, especially the ones that cant read there kids. If my mom was up in my business all the time and checking up on me when I was a teenager, that would lead to depression.

Please Action News, leave the waste of a half hour to KYW-3


Momish said...

It was a sad story, but they definately went over the top with the depression thing. Helpful on some level, but in end, doesn't really add much for moms in terms of saving a poor kid like the one that shot himself.