Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Im not weird, im eclectic

My buddy Local Girl over at Island Life decided to tag me for this 6 weird things meme. Now first off, she lives in Hawaii, so there is no way she is local to me, but I digress. And, I prefer to think of myself as eclectic, as opposed to weird, since to me weird now adays is the norm anyway. So, here goes and then I get to lay out 6 other people, you lucky dogs you.

Oh yea, ya need the rules...

The Rules:

Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

See, simple enough isn't it? And awayyyy we go....

1.I watch One Life to Live everyday. If I am not going to be home to watch it, I make sure the TiVo is set for either the 2pm ABC showing and/or the 2am Soap Network viewing. Though I do admit I dont watch the full hour, some of the plot lines just annoy me.

2. If I was 15 to 20 years younger, I would so be a Goth. This is strange because I am as close to a Prep as you can get without the sweater tied around my shoulders.

3.Mice scare me, like piss in my pants scare me.

4. The spice in our spice cabinet are in alphabetical order, seperated by things that are salty and spices that go in sweets.

5. I adore the Indigo Girls. This is probably weird because they are a duo that leans heavily to the lesbian population of the listening crowd. And i was a fan of theres 10 years ago, when they were full entrenched in the Rainbow flag cause.

6.I wish it was okay for guys to drink those fruffy fruity drinks out in public. You know the pink ones with the fruit and umbrellas. While none would ever top a dirty martini, the Wailea Sunset was so so refreshing. And who could resist a Pina Colada or a good Cosmo?? Hmm tell me, who who? Ohh Appletinis!

Yep, im eclectic. Now, what 6 brave souls shall I tag as even more "eclectic"?

wordnerd, jenny ryan, momish, buttercup & bean (either one), twyla (who found a great snow flake website btw) and finally old man hancock you lucky people you.


local girl said...

When you come to Hawaii on your second honeymoon, you can have all the fufu (fluffy) drinks you want. The locals will just look at you and assume you're a tourist. LOL!

Thanks for playing along!

Twyla said...

Thanks for tagging me. I feel so special. :-)
I'll have it done by the end of the day...but it may be hard to narrow it down to only 6. LOL
Btw...for some reason, a few days after I post a comment on here, it changes my name to anonymous. I have no idea why. It must be this Beta thingy.

tiggerprr said...

fufu drinks are the best! :)

Nancy said...

OMG! This is so funny. I used to watch OLTL w. my Dad. he was Asa, only we are not mega rich. I cannot stand the new Todd.

I wish I just had time to watch GH.

I just loved this list and I don't think you are weird!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been tagged!! Cool. I was looking for something fun for Friday's post, and this is perfect. I'll let you know when it's up.


buttercup said...

My meme is up.

By the way, I respect a man who feels secure enough in his masculinity to drink fru-fru drinks. You go, boy.

Jenny Ryan said...

Thanks! I'll put mine up this weekend :)

Momish said...

Thanks Sparky! I was actually tagged with a "nine weird things about me" meme before, so I will have to think really really hard to come up with six more!!!! (probably not that hard, who am I kidding!). In the meantime, here's my nine weird things meme from before:

Does this count?

Momish said...

P.S. 15-20 yeas ago, I was Goth! (sort of, more punk but definately witchy type of punk)