Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Gift Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I wont be Buying Mrs Duck

This was going to be the what Mrs Duck is getting for Christmas post, but she has started reading here, so, in a switch, its gonna be 13 things she wont get.

1….Anything from Tiffany's. Now I am not saying there won't be anything shiny or anything like that, im just saying I dont think my credit rating gets me through the front door of Tiffany's

2.Season Tickets to the 76ers. Though I dont think anyone is asking for those for Christmas.

3.A Fendi and Moncler Spy Bag Hello??? $2100?? For a purse where everything will fall to the bottom and get lost?

4.A gym membership. Unless it is something that is asked for, or the gift reciepient already has or expecets, this membership just has disaster written all over it. Mixed Message for sure.

5.A Lexus with a big red bow. Yes the commercials are cute, but how do you match that gift next year?

6.Power Tools. I think we would both stare at each other, unsure of what exactly one would do with an orbital sander.

7.A Table top Foosball Table from Sharper Image. Yes, it seems like the cheapest gift on the list so far, but Mrs Duck would wonder when we were opening the bar in the basement.

8.Sky Diving Lessons. She would run to check her life insurance because she would think I was out to do her in.

9.A subscription to the hot sauce of the month club Read the posts about the Chili and the Chicken with Mole Sauce below. Definetly more a gift for me, when it comes to Hot stuff, the Irish side of Mrs Duck shines through.

10.A backstage pass to a Bon Jovi Concert. I would be afraid she would run away with Jon and never come back.

11.The 2006 Totally Office Calendar. Mrs Duck turned me on to Preston & Steve since she was listening to them first on Y100, but I just dont think she would totally appreciate it.

12.A zero gravity space flight. You know they dont call it a Vomit Comet for nothing. Hey last minute gift needs, only $3000.

13.A Hacky Sack. Nothing says I love you like a little knit afghan filled with little beads.

So what arent you gonna buy this year?

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

LOVE your list! It goes so well with my "what I don't want for Christmas list"! And thanks, but I'll pass on your offer to send us the flu. Somehow I have a feeling it'll pay us a visit anyway. Hope you're all feeling better. I'm sure you'll wife will appreciate getting NONE of those things:)

Skittles said...

What a great idea for TT!

Nancy said...

I am sure she is thrilled not to be getting any of these amazing gifts for xmas. Except, for Tiffany's she might want something from there. Maybe a key chain?

I would love to get my dh a vacation, but I don't think its gonna happen. He will get a giant bottle of vodka, though.

Christina said...

Great list! Good call on the gym membership, I think. While on one level I would be grateful if my husband got me one, I'd wonder what message he was trying to send! But are you sure you don't want to get her anything from Tiffany's? :-p

Janene said...

I can honestly say that I think Mrs. Duck will be appreciative of your list of things she will not be receiving. Although, something from Tiffany's or a new Lexus with a bow would be nice ~ it may also mean no food for a least that's what it would mean at my house. I'll stick with the nice simple gift and being able to eat my way through the winter!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Thursday.

Mummy B said...

lol! Very amusing read! Loved the gym membership, sky diving and Bon Jovi ones the best....rofl

buttercup said...

I like that list! My friend bought a spy bag and I was floored when I found out how much it was. Insanity!!!

Tink said...

Haha, I love your idea for this list! I bet Mrs. Duck will be very happy with what you do buy her! :-)
Thanks for visiting!

Kukka-Maria said...

Yeah...if you bought me a gym membership, I'd scratch your eyes out with my super-sharp cat claws. Don't be making passive-aggressive comments about my saggy belly!

I would like to bat around that hacky sack, though...

Tug said...

FUN. So, as long as you're not buying them for HER - can I have the power tools, skydiving, Jon BonJovi & hot sauces? sorry...just checkin'

Happy TT!!

Colleen Gleason said...

I know I'm not getting anything from Tiffany's myself...and I second what Nancy said: I'm sure Mrs.Duck is thrilled to know what she's NOT getting.

Might I remind you of the little video I had on my blog last week...about how NOT to pay it forward?? *grin*

erica said...

#12 - ewwww!!! LOL awesome list. Some of those things I didn't even know existed. Spy Bag? What the hell?

#13's make awesome throwable weapons though. Specially if you launch one into someone else's eye. Ow.

Andrea said...

LOL! I wonder how many wives actually get a Lexus with a big red bow anyway!

Happy TT

Missy said...

Love this list! I'm sure Mrs. Duck is breathing a sigh of relief that she won't be getting a few of them. ;)

Anthony said...

Cool list. I'm not sure anyone (except people on TV commercials) actually bows-up a car for Christmas.

Maybe they're counting on the power of suggestion or trying to start a trend.

Gym memberships are right up there with pots and pans and vaccuum cleaners as gifts for women. Unless you're also buying health insurance.

t.birdonawire said...

Too funny!

But now I am REALLY curious to find out what she IS getting! LOL

Happy TT and thanks for visiting!

Joelysue said...

Ha, a very clever list!! No red-bowed Lexus here, either. *wg*

Rene said...

I don't get those car commercials. Personally, I'd get annoyed because I know dh would pick out the wrong color.

Christie said...

haha! the gym membership one cracks me up. the fiance of a friend of mine got her a gym membership and our mouths dropped open. haha!

Laughing Muse said...

Good choices. A $2100 purse?!?? I've never quite understood why someone would want a purse that costly. Then again, maybe it's just an appreciation thing, like fine wines or opera.

Jenny Ryan said...


kristarella said...

Heh, funny list. I won't be getting my husband any of the things I walk past and think "Ooh, he'd like that." because I bought him Arnette sunnies, I think that's enough money to spend on one person this year.

(Sorry I'm a week late!)