Friday, September 15, 2006

Blue Ducks Recap Week 1

Blue Ducks 53, FNG 48

spurred on by a big game from Heath Miller (and by the way a thank you to Nick Saban for having a girly arm when it comes to throwing the replay flag), a solid effort from Warrick Dunn, and the Giants defense actually stopping the Colts running game, the Blue Ducks got off to a fine 1-0 start to our year.

Fantasy Stud-Heath Miller-100 yards of receptions plus a touchdown, equals 12 very important points

Fantasy Dud-Kevin Jones. Though really thats my mistake, the Lions havent been able to run since Barry Sanders retired.

Fantasy Mistake
Frank Gore on the Bench. 17 points!! I knew the Arizona defense had not improved.

Happy to be 1-0 going into week 2.


Wordnerd said...

Hey -- thanks for the visit! I love talking football, and yes, it is a HUGE game this weekend. Nothing in the world feels better than beating that #$%#@^% Tuberville...

FYI, Warrick Dunn played for and graduated from my son's high school here and is a regular hero in this city, for lots of reasons, most of which would take way too much room in your comments section!