Thursday, September 14, 2006

Captain Wilderness

Ok, I have a slight confession to make. I dont actually live in Philadelphia. We are actually within walking distance of the Northeast Philadelphia border. So, Im not in the "City" itself, but Philly Transplant, a) sounds so much better and b) when I started this thing we were in Philadelphia.

Anyway, since we are right outside Philly, it is almost like we are in the wilds of the wilderness. I am not exactly the outdoorsy type. Ive never gone camping, even in my back yard. If I wanted to sleep under the stars, I would get some of those glow in the dark stars. You won't find any granola in our cupboard.

So, as the woods in our town continues to shrink, I am noticing more and more of our furry friends getting closer to my front door. So there I am visiting with Joe Camel, when I see a little snake, no big deal, but still a snake. Then next night, its 3 not so blind mice who have decided to build a home in the dirt of our garden. I just know as things get colder those little ba*&*%ds are going to try to get into the house. And the feline takes after her dad, shes not much of a hunter.

Now here is the icing on the cake. Outside this morning and the bushes start to shake and rumble not two feet away from me. Hey, there goes Mr. Groundhog. He or she is bigger then my cat, heck he may be bigger then Mrs. Duck!! Next time I see him, I think I am going to chase him down and ask him for my Lottery Tickets

So, all of the sudden, I feel like a country boy, I hate feeling like a country boy.


starlight143 said...

LOL I know how ya feel (and thanks for visiting too). I used to live on a ranch in california. We get bugs like no tomorrow and tons of rats and mice. Each summer it seems like a new plague of something. One summer it was pincherbugs or earwigs, another it was deformed frogs some with 4 hind legs and one year we were finding strange looking baby snakes all through the house (I brought one to my high school science class and got extra credit^^). You'll get used to it! LOL