Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Politics with Flickr #3 Inauguration Day

I stayed home yesterday to watch this. I stayed up until 2 am to watch this. I am still on cloud nine today from this.


Anthony said...

The shot at the top is real 21st Century stuff -- all of those digital camera screens.

Staying home to watch it was definitely the place to be. I can't imagine (or maybe I can) the giant mess that D.C. was on Tuesday. I've been there in crowds but this was historic.

All of those people standing around the Lincoln Memorial, two miles away. I guess they just felt like being there? Seemed like too much trouble.
I was plenty happy to see it on TV.

amy said...

beautiful pics from some pretty cool moments

Sarge Charlie said...

I have a post on Inauguration balls also Mr Duck, stop by.

Bond said...

One of the anchors on the news made a comment about 21-st century with all the video cameras and cellphones recording the moment

FRIGGA said...

Just a heads up - Rockin' With Frigga will be back tomorrow, I hope you can come by and play!! :)

Twyla said...

I'm not an American, yet I spend 4 hours on Tuesday watching this. I have to admit, that I had a box of tissues on hand. This is more than just a victory for the American's a victory for the world. I am so honoured that I witnessed a part of history. :-)
When I saw the first pic, I was thinking, 'Wow, what a perfect way to capture our generation.' All the digital cameras in the's almost a bit Jetson like.
I am so excited about what this will mean for the US...North America...the world. :-)

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