Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama Inauguration Day 1

The train ride, which of course started in my beloved Philadelphia.

Obama in Baltimore

Guess where

Guess that too!

Obama in Claymont, Delaware

Security, Security

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Sarge Charlie said...

I have my teeth clinched as we start the next four years, I do wish him success because I am an American and he won. I can still be sorry about that part.

Anthony said...

Sage: Un-clench your teeth. The next four years will be fun.

I cannot remember an inaguration that has come of such anticpation as this. Maybe Kennedy, but I was 3 at the time.

Pre-game to the pre-game, and President Obama (still sounds strange) has a lot to live up to given the build-up to his election and all.
It can be an exciting time for America if we allow it to be.

amy said...

Pretty cool pics. We disagree on some political things but dang this could be a pretty cool 4 years!!!

Bond said...

Interesting that some people can just not let go...

Sorry about the game yesterday...