Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interesting Eagle Question

The score is 14 to 10, Eagles. McNabb scrambles and sprains his knee. He is out until the 4th quarter. Who plays Kevin Kolb or AJ Feeley?

Personally, I play Feeley. He is battle tested, played in a big time conference and knows how to win a game. While Kolb played two big games a year in college, one early and one in a bowl game, that he usually lost.

So, speak, please???


Sarge Charlie said...

McNabb recovers and plays the whole game, problem solved.

Anthony said...

Technically, they would have had to play Koln, since he's listed as #2.
Theoretically, the McNabb thing will be debated because, as in the past, he has failed to drive the team with 2 minutes to go in the game - which seems to be the measure of success in the NFL.

Never mind that they lost the game in the first half.