Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What you missed if you did not pay attention to Twitter

Though I promise you, I never said I was brilliant.

1.Brilliant Wade Phillips quote-"we need to play better" 5:57 PM Dec 28th, 2008 from web

2.watching Emerald Bowl on ESPN 360 8:54 PM Dec 27th, 2008 from web

3.The Wisconsin Badgers seem to blow 6:47 PM Dec 27th, 2008 from web

4.I am out of my fantasy playoffs thanks to Amani Toomer 8:24 PM Dec 15th, 2008

5.I have 1 cigarette left, and I am trying so so desperately to not smoke it tonight 10:36 PM Dec 12th, 2008 from web

6.Thank you to Oklahoma for ruining my night 9:55 PM Dec 6th, 2008 from web

7.This would have been a blog post, but its so late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS DUCK 7:54 PM Nov 24th, 2008 from web

8.Its over 4 McNabb in Philadelphia 9:16 PM Nov 23rd, 2008 from txt

9.A twitter for some one special, Ole Miss rules!!! 9:44 PM Nov 22nd, 2008

10.Troy 31, LSU 23-What the Hell??!!!?? 10:58 PM Nov 15th, 2008 from web


Anthony said...

How did you miss Marinelli's "a coach who goes 0 and 16 deserves to be fired?"

Actually, I thought it was over for Reid. McNabb should stay regardless of playoffs. Kolb isn't ready and there isn't anyone here to help him. Eagles fans aren't patient enough for 2 years of 4 and 12.

Who'd-a-thunk 4 weeks ago that the Chargers AND Eagles would be in the playoffs?

Anonymous said...

I didn't miss a thing! (Hope you're watching the Chick Fil-A Bowl!!!)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

happy new year to you and mrs. duck sparky!

smiles, bee

Anthony said...

Eat mor chikin.

Desert Songbird said...

I don't twitter, so I'll just say Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Duck. I hope 2009 treats you well.

SargeCharlie II said...

Happy new year to the ducks

Starrlight said...

Every time I see the word Twitter I go "oh shit, I HAVE a Twitter" and run off to post something lame :P

Happy New Year!

Bond said...

I don't do twitter