Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What we Don't need is Florida/Oklahoma

I love bowl season. It is the chance for some of the little guys to play the big guys. And I have been all over the FBA Bowl Site to see what T-Shirts/Sweatshirts I really really need.

I am excited for every game but Oklahoma Florida in the BCS Championship game. When oh when are they going to have a tournament. It is good enough for my boys from Delaware, why not the Bigger Guys? Oh yea $$$$$!!

The reason I hate Oklahoma Florida is because I hate both teams. I hate Bob Stoops with a white hot passion and I think Florida plays every big game at home and are a gimmick team. Yet, they are the 2 teams representing the College Football Championship. Yet, Utah and Boise St went undefeated. Yep, alot of sense.


Sarge Charlie said...

I could not disagree more Sparky, did you watch Florida/Alabama, that had to be the game of the year and Florida earned a shot at the national championship

Desert Songbird said...

Until this weekend, Ball State was undefeated, and NO ONE would ever put this tiny school in the National Championship game. EVER.

Mo said...

Hey, even comin' to ya as the big Gator Hater I am, watching them play all year (they beat my Bulldogs handily, and that Alabama game last week was perhaps THE best game of the year!) and I gotta say, they've earned their spot...now, I know very little 'bout Oklahoma, but haven't the Sooners *always* been a contender in these things?!)