Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 Blue Ducks Division Champs!

Yes, we have moved on. I am quite pleased with my fantasy choices over the last 3 years. I got in the playoffs year one as the wildcard, year 2 just missed out due to a tie (just like the Eagles will) and in year 3, I have won the division behind Drew Brees and DeAngelo Williams.

So, when you are watching your football tomorrow night, root for Brees to throw for 360 yards and 3 touchdowns and for Reggie Bush to get one TD on his own. Its for enterntainment purposes and all, but extra cabbage for enterntainment would be nice.


Jay said...


Bond said...

good luck

Anthony said...

Nice going.

As for me, I got into one of those Head-to-Head leagues, scored the third-most points and wound up finishing 7th and out of the playoffs.
That sucks.

I had Rivers, Westbrook and Baltimore's defense. I made a mid-season trade for Michael Turner but it wasn't enough. I had gotten too far behind to catch up.