Monday, November 03, 2008

Tomorrow Is my Super Bowl

And while I am sure any of my faithful readers know who I am in the bag for, it is still so super exciting. Things could change tomorrow and dammit, I really need it. So, as we prepare for the biggest vote since Clinton Bush, let us look back on some great presidential moments, fictional and factual.

Hyperion inspired me today, and I realized that Aaron Sorkin is kind of brilliant and kind of predicted this moment in time 6 years ago with the Santos candidacy. But, Sorkin was also all over the American President, which is where we start tonight.


Hyperion said...

Such a great scene.

What I like about Sorkin is how hard he tries to be fair. He's a unabashed liberal, which is fine, but when you watch his shows, you don't often see the arrogance toward the other side. Half my friends and loved ones are raging Liberals and half raging conservatives. I think they're all crazy, but I also recognize that not everyone is always wrong. (Or right.) Sometimes two different sides can be right for completely different (and even opposite!) reasons. I like that Sorkin tries to be respectful of that, especially in The West Wing.

Come to think of it, that's what I like most about you, Sparky. You pretty much have two left feet, but I rarely hear the derision in your words, at least amongst the folk.

Everyone thinks to get along you must be moderate. Nope. You just have to recognize that other folks are intelligent too, and whatever life-long process brought them to their opinions, they should at least be listened to.

Long live Aaron Sorkin, and long live Sparky Duck!