Friday, November 07, 2008

LSU Alabama is not all

Though, it is an awesome game. However, I would like to kick CBS in the gonads, because the return of Nick Saban to the Bayou with the #1 team in the nation deserves an 8 PM kickoff, not 3:30. How are the Bayou Bengals fans going to have the chance to get them selves half in the bag?

But, there is more, Oklahoma State at Texas Tech screams trap game, any time USC is playing is an opportunity to giggle with glee if the Trojans manage to lose. Heck, Ga Tech vs UNC excites me.

This has been a fun college football season, there has not been a weekend so far that was a waste, though the Purdue Oregon game did save one of those Saturdays.

Geuax Tigers!


Anonymous said...

I love you.

Anthony said...

I'll bet those LSU fans made the time-shift and started drinking at breakfast.

The sacred Florida and USC games were TVs first and second choice.

As for me, I'm counting the minutes until Phil Fulmer is sent packing and the Volunteers can get the program back on track.

Sparky Duck said...

Fulmer lost to Wyoming, He should leave now