Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I cried 4 years ago

Because, John Kerry lost and it meant 4 more years of GWB. Kerry, however never inspired me, never made me feel sold into. I saw Kerry with Bill Clinton in Philadelphia, but I saw him because Bill was there.

Tonight, I cried tears of joy. I wanted this, I wished this, I felt this. And it is not just an Afro American thing. The change is real, the time is now, to come together is the way we should be in a melting pot that is this country.

But dammit

Yes we Can!!!


Travis said...

I was overcome as well. And that was unexpected.

He did it. We did it.

Anthony said...

Kerry never completely "sold me" either, although I did buy into his "Apollo Project" for developing alternative energy.

It never was (or is) about ones skin color. It is always about their ideas and their comportment. A vote for Obama was a vote for new ideas.

As far as I know, the race issue was never a factor, and certainly wasn't with me. In fact, only a few weeks ago did it really hit me that this guy could be president. For a 51-year old, it's quite an accomplishment, ideas aside.

Sarge Charlie said...

I am sad for America, I wish him the wisdom to be a good leader.

Bond said...

Some people can not get over the fact that their candidate lost the election.

I am thrilled for America and wish him the wisdom to be a good leader.

Starrlight said...

I've been sad for America the last 8 years. Now I am happy =)