Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am an Emotional Sap

But, 10 minutes in, this Obama commercial is close to brilliant


Valtool said...

Yeah, I always wondered what became of the children and grandchildren of Hitler's propaganda machine, looks like they've been studying their marxism and writing infomercials for Obamessiah. Interesting that he said he would not campaign with private funds yet here's money for a half hour on 6 networks. Breaking promises before even being elected. The masses support this man, but you never hear Paul complaining that he has recieved Peter's stolen goods. Spread the wealth baby!

Anthony said...

I read a lot of junk about how this half hour was supposed to break his campaign - for whatever reason.
I watched it and it made me more of a supporter of his than ever.
I wasn't wavering, but now I know I was right.

Starrlight said...

Yup my money was well spent on that. It was low key and focused on real people =)

Bond said...

is valtool being sarcastic...or just a tool?

I thought the 1/2 hour was great

Anthony said...

I know, hard to tell, eh Bond? I thought it was a terrific show - better than most junk on TV, plus the fact that it led into a PHILLIES WORLD SERIES WIN!

I can't help but wonder how people can still be "undecided" at this point.
I hear people talking about how they'll decide when they get into the voting booth.