Sunday, September 28, 2008

Namic, Wanamaker & Tom Arnold

I would say this weekend is one of those interesting weekends that you do not experience all the time. So of course, I have to share it with you all. (okay, all 3 of you)

After experiencing the debate Friday in a vodka induced haze, which Obama and McCain really tied in, which means the Senator of Illinois actually won, it was a wedding in Center City Philadelphia. During the week, I was dreading going, because it would cut into my leisure time during the weekend, and also, this was a wedding for Mrs Duck and her friends/co workers. Which means I would know only a few people. However, I should have noticed the first sign it would be a good weekend, when I was able to score a hotel room on Priceline for 75% off what it would usually be. Bargain shopper I am.

Into the city we go, to find that our hotel is inundated with NAMIC members. Not exactly an exciting bunch, but I would say they still have the cash, since Bruce Hornsby was playing there gala banquet finale. Or Mr Hornsby is suffering for cash.

The reception was excellent, classy and actually fun. I am not a fan of bands at weddings, but the group Touche, was quite good. A bit 70s sounding for the taste of Mr Duck, but the dance floor was jamming all night long. The food was quite good, the ambiance was classic and in actuality, this may have been one of the best weddings the Duck family has attended since we have been together.

Plus, one of the guests was actually a ex husband of a famous portly comedianne. That, if nothing else was an interesting gawking without gawking sight.

Yes, a actually terrific weekend, plus we were able to score some nice flowers! Though the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day parade through a bit of a hitch in the commute home Sunday.


Bond said...

Sounds like you had fun fun fun...

Thursday whould be interesting ...Wonder how Biden can make her look like the schlub she is without causing an uproar about him picking on a poor woman..that is, unless she gets called back to Alaska because her daughter/son are sick...

SaS said...

Wait, Tom Arnold was there? Are you sure he wasn't scoping the place out for the next season of My Big Fat Redneck Wedding??