Sunday, September 21, 2008

Edge of your seat TV today

And yes, amazingly I am talking about Golf. Today is the single's part of the Ryder Cup, starting at noon EST on NBC.

Now, I know, its Golf vs the NFL. And really, without Tiger, how can golf be exciting? Well, the Ryder Cup is different. There becomes almost a good vs evil component to a competition like this, because the emotions of both teams, the Europeans and the Americans, come out more than you ever really see it any other time on the golf course.

Plus, the crowd actually gets involved, either with the "Ole Ole Ole" or "USA" chants. Plus, it's still danged close. The United States needs to win 5 and a half matches (5 wins and one tie) and the Europeans need to win 7 to keep the cup. Wide open still, wide open.


Bond said...

I only got to see the highlights...had plans...was a great day in sports...including a full day of tributes and the last game at the Old Ballpark in the Bronx...