Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Trouble on Little Wall Street

To be perfectly honest, this whole financial stocks thing is not my bag. I look at my 401k every quarter and say, hey I am not broke. When I do by a stock, its a small amount and it is usually something that I just am a fan of, like McDonalds. Short selling to me is selling a pair of shorts on sale. I leave the financial stuff to Mrs Duck, she really gets it.

But, if you want some sort of hint on how things are going, watch the stock prices of Sovereign Bank and Washington Mutual. If they go out, we are in a heap of trouble.


Anthony said...

I think the bigger problem I have with all this is the government bail-out's provided to some of these big firms and the golden parachutes that the CEOs get. They ran these companies into the ground and get a $5 million severance package.
They should get a swift kick in the ass.

What's going on now with Lehman (and soon AIG) is even bigger than the Enron and WorldCom meltdowns.

Bond said...

Anthony said it all....