Sunday, June 22, 2008

Surreal MTP

Today, of course, was the first real Meet The Press without Tim Russert. And I honestly hope that until thy decide on one of the young turks or turkettes to replace him, that Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw switch off and share duties on one of the most important political shows on TV. At least until the election, because both sides, Republican and Democratic, are going to do there best spin jobs and these two anchors have the gravitas to say hey hold on a moment.

Today, it was Senator Joe Biden of Delaware and Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina that graced us with there presence at 10:30 am Philadelphia time. And, it was not that bad a program. Biden was Biden, which means he said some smart witty things and also sort of stumbled and bumbled a bit as he spoke. Classic Biden. Senator Graham had a pretty clean show, smartly letting Biden take up alot of the hot air.

Until (and you knew there had to be an until, its the Sparky Duck blog) the discussion turned to drilling for oil off the coasts of the United States. Now, I am not sure if Biden's point about land in the ocean already leased and not used by oil companies already not being drilled, why do they need more, point was spot on. It sounded a bit like a talking point that could be skewered eventually. But Senator Graham botched one moment for sure. Briam Williams brought up two quotes from two South Carolina newspapers that pointed the Senator, and co chairman of McCains national committee, towards being against the drilling off the shores of the United States. Specifically because tourism would probably suffer, which besides tobacco and two major Universities, is one of the biggest money makers for the Palmetto state. To quote Williams, "so Senator Graham, what changed your mind?" 4 dollars a gallon, so speaketh Mr Graham.

Does anyone realize how short sighted an answer that was? How the logic is all askew? Sure, approve drilling off the coast, the oil companies get what they want and then gas prices reduce. Until, the oil companies or maybe a pharmaceutical, or heck dairy farmers what something else, and then they race the price on the commodity to get something else they want. Senator Graham kind of just said that the government is held hostage to prices and corporations. This was smart how??