Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gutter Ball

We live in an apartment complex that is run by a well known development company, whose name sounds alot like the second word in the title to this post. Its really not an apartment, more of a townhome, but we still rent. And trust me, the rent is not cheap, especially for the size of the place.
And of course, this spring has been like a monsoon, raining almost every other day in one way or another. I was thinking the other night, man when was the last time these gutters were cleaned out. I was thinking this because the pool of water on my sidewalk and the waterfall cascade outside my living room window from where one of the gutters on the roof was clogged up, while pretty, was not exactly the kind of thing you wanted to look out on. Now, this duck is not going up on the roof, firstly because I do not have wings or a ladder that can get me up there, but secondly, the townhome association takes care of things out side, not little old me.
So, imagine my double chagrin when Mrs Duck mentioned to our neighbors that she was going to go down to the office to tell them to clean out the gutters and our neighbors just laughed and laughed, like she was a cuter version of Letterman. Oh and also imagine my double chagrin as we now sit in a tornado watch until 8 pm tonight. Anyone for surfing??


Bond said...

Is it a group of brothers? If so, I am well aware of them and your neighbors laugh was true...

Stay safe


Sparky Duck said...

Bond-*ding ding ding*

Dragon said...

Hold on tight, Sparky. We don't want to have to send out a search party to find you. :)