Thursday, June 05, 2008

Different Ways of Leadership

At lunchtime today, I made some of my typical stops. I do not actually eat during lunch, but even if I have no place to really go, I find an excuse to get out of the office so I can not be called back for one reason or another. The quarter tank of gas wasted is worth the sanity.

I made one of my usual stops, a place I go to at least once a week, which will remain nameless. Lets just say there are Celtic fans. Anyway, as I was browsing about, the manager/shift supervisor/shift person in charge gathered some of her workers around. First mistake on there part, talking too loudly.

They go on to say, the periwinkles are non negotiable. I was very disappointed yesterday that the periwinkles were not completed and that we were not able to periwinkle. That is unacceptable and it will not happen again today. (Periwinkle replaces the real word, just so I don't get anyone in any kind of trouble.) As I turn to leave the establishment, Head Person has disappeared into an office and the rest of the staff is rolling there eyes and laughing.

In my opinion two mistakes here. Number one, yes the periwinkles will get done, but they will not get done with any gusto. It will be more like I am doing this because they are making me and no value will come out of the time spent. Plus, customers dont really want periwinkles, they want to get in and out and off on the rest of there errands, chores, tasks, napping. Why do businesses insist on slowing them down. Plus, giving your underlings a bit of a dress down in public, not the best idea.

And now I am off to go yell about some periwinkles!


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I'm sure that when you are managing the band, you'll exhibit awesome leadership skillz, Mr. Bosley Duck.
Go Monkey Barn v 3.0!

Starrlight said...

Isn't the trivialness of the business world fun?!