Friday, June 06, 2008

Completely Torn

On he one hand, I have never seen a Triple Crown winner. Yes, techinically I was alive for a few of them, including Seattle Slew and Secratariat, but I did not see them with my own eyes. So, the Big Brown story would be a good one. Its what horse racing needs in America and the horse is really a sweet, beautiful horse.

On the other hand, I have a nice little hatred for Rick Dutrow. I think he is a bit too arrogant for what a horse trainer should be, and I also think he maybe a cheater. I certainly would not put the pain killers/steroids rumors past him at all, because in the end he is a businessman and he also has a Daddy Complex.

So, where do I go? Smarty Jones and Real Quiet (sidenote, I adore Real Quiet, I mean, I will be sad when he finally passes, adore him) were more deserving Triple Crown winners. Yet, Big Brown is the man of 2008 horses and really, would you want a Japanese trained horse to take another feather away? I think not. So, I will be in front of a TV at 5:30 or so tomorrow, rooting but not. If Icabad Crane manages to come through, this Duck will be alot happier.

On a side note, I will be donating 10% of whatever I win tomorrow to the Another Chance for Horses ranch, because these animals are beautiful and do not deserve to be on the auction block for Asian Cuisine.


Anonymous said...

I gotta root for Big Brown. What an amazing, beautiful, sweet baby.

Dragon said...

You're a good soul, Sparky.

Anthony said...

I have to say, I'm happy whenever something that is supposed to be a "sure thing" turns out to be total bullshit.
However, I was also happy to see the jockey pull Big Brown up because he "had a horse to care for", so I guess I can't feel to badly for somebody who made $50 million from a $190,000 investment. The rich get richer.

Mostly, I was glad that the horse didn't get put down. I find it impossible to feel sadness for people with so much to gain.

Bond said...

Was at a gambling establishment on saturday morning...OH to do it over and throw $20 on the long!