Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I can't so I won't, but I would if I could

Rocking and rolling in this feathered friends house, though at least it is not having anything to do with personal life, or my future political career, but I just got another ticket to a roller coaster, collectable in the not to close future, but not off in the far far distance either.

I know, I am vague, there are times when I need to be vague, and it is probably not even bad news overall. But, I have to be as wiggly as a gummy worm and as peppy as Mary Lou Retton. Joy!


Dragon said...

Good luck, Sparky. I'm crossing my fingers that its not bad news.

Desert Songbird said...

Um, yeah. Okay then.

Christie O. said...

I call this 'cryptic venting'.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I would say congrats..but I'll wait until the good news is finalized.

Sparky Duck said...

If anyone is curious, heres the one hint

word one
a famous motorcycle and a village

word two
where you hide your money

last step
put that word into google news and think about the losing end