Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trevor is the ImmelMan

There are still 5 holes to play, but Trevor Immelman is going to win the Masters. He has a six stroke lead as we speak with 5 holes to play and all he has to do is keep playing the same steady way he has played all day. One of my first signs of spring has been one of the most boringest days ever.

No one has made a run, in fact, everyone has gone backwards. Even Tiger Woods has been close to awful today. Two of the best rounds were posted by Heath Slocum and Miguel Jiminez, and these two were so far back that they needed to shoot 63s to have a shot.

Augusta National is still a breathtakingly beautiful course. The Magnolia's and the warm looking sun still does something that makes the viewer feel spring and warmth. I just wish I did not need to be distracted by the trees to actually find something exciting in this.


Anthony said...

One of these days I'll get there for the tournament. It's so beautiful on TV, I can't imagine that it isn't as great in person.
I was in Augusta "off-season" once, but didn't get to the course.

Tiger wasn't Tiger this week. If he was, he could have beaten any of those jokers who shot par and wound up near the top of the leader board. As it was, he finished second, which tells you all you need to know about the competition.

Jenny McB said...

I called my golfing buddy after the tournament and asked if the last putt would have been a "give me"..LOL I would love to have one the player's bad days anytime. Now I want to play.
Have you been able to golf yet this year?

Haley-O said...

Umm, the only one I know is Tiger Woods.... But..., hi? :)

Sparky Duck said...

Anthony:Tiger did not show up, because I am sure a -7 would have won most weeks.

Jenny:Not yet, but talk to me next weekend. Hilton Head is made for golfing

Sparky Duck said...

Haley:Trust me, the only one most of us know is Tiger. **Waves**

amy said...

Yo Sparky, I have been reading but not commenting..

Just wanted to saw, whats up and hope you and Mrs Duck have a fabulous week

Yoshi said...

I was watching this earlier. And I was, what a bad time for Tiger.

But yeah I never even heard of immelman!

Bond said...

Once i realized Tiger was not going to make the run, I began to root for Trevor and his day.