Monday, April 28, 2008

Hilton Head Review, Part 2, Lotsa Golf

The weekend in Hilton Head was a golf fan festival.

Saturday was the latest day that I slept, and it was close to 9 am when I woke up. I think it was because I did not want to waste any moments of freedom that I had from that soul sucking job of mine. Sleeping can happen at home.

3 PM, Subway and I are on the golf course, the Golden Bear at Indigo Run. It was the first time I had picked up the sticks in about 7 months and really I did not play that badly. Especially since my sticks were still sitting in the basement of the home in Philly and I was using borrowed ones. The Golden Bear was a nice open course, with some great views and a some very tough greens to read. Plus there were spectators.

Golden Bear Gator

He was a small one.

By the way, Mrs Duck was at a spa with Doc at this time, somehow I think most of you will think she had a better time.

Saturday night was Wild Wings and Silicone Sister. Wild Wings was a positive, Silicone Sister not that much. Silicone Sister was a cover band of all those 80s hair bands. They were not half bad, except they may not have been the best for all the rebels in the audience. The feigned arrogance of the band did not help. Though a band that covers Bon Jovi works for me.

Sunday, the Verizon Heritage Classic was on tap. It was better tournament then last year, which is not that big a deal actually, since last year was a windblown, postponed mess. There were no big stars in last 2 rounds, besides Jim Furyk, but since it was not as crowded as last year, I was able to see Furyk and all the other golfers up close. Boo Weekley won again, which would have been more exciting if we had actually seen him chip in at the 10th hole to seal the tournament.

There was drunkeness and missed shuttles after the tournament, but really, doesnt every golf tournament end with drunkeness and missed shuttles? Oh and a few great pictures.

Harbourtown Light and Sun


Starrlight said... drinking and driving the golf carts an option?

Sparky Duck said...

Starr:It is if you play 18 holes with us, as long as you can stomach beer

Starrlight said...

Not only can I stomach it, I could swim in it! I'd rather have a beer than a mixed drink most of the time.

Christie O. said...

huh, i didn't know there were alligators all the way up there. who knew!

Bond said...

Nice photo...and it sounds like a grand time was had by all...

Beer and golf? well OF COURSE!

Tug said...

There is NO.WAY.EVER that I could 'hang with the gators'. E.VER.

LOVE the pic!!

Anthony said...

I think that "spectator" could speed up some of the slower players on the tour.
The tour will suffer a bit with Tiger out for a while. Of course, the other players probably don't mind much.

Jenny McB said...

Do you want to know how much it really stunk to be in Florida last week and not to hit a freaking ball?
So jealous of you, spectator and all.