Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hilton Head Review, part 1

Well, if you had under 3 hours in the how long it would take me to get annoyed at work over/under game, you won.

So, in an effort to try and still capture the trip down to Hilton Head and savor the feeling that is vacation, lets try and review a few of the days.

Delta is quickly becoming one of my favorite airlines. They were friendly, on time and actually kind of a pleasure to fly on. Yes, I know its amazing. So once we finally arrived via a connection in Atlanta, we got picked up at the Savannah airport by Subway. It took Doc a little while to get out of work, which was probably a good thing since Mrs Duck and I did need some time to decompress.

Then it was off to walk on the beach. Now, the Hilton Head beach is not as tropical as Florida or Hawaii, but when you have been dealing with the 50 degree weather of Philadelphia, it hit the spot. Though dinner that night at Turtles did not exactly hit the spot, since I got like little mini BBQ sandwiches. I could have eaten 2 orders and still have been hungry.

Friday, it was back to the beach. One complaint about Subway and Doc's house was that the bed was uncomfortable and the pillows were even worse, so being up at 7:30 was not a surprise. Folly Beach was on the agenda for the day, and while it was breezy at the shore, it was still fantastic lay out on the beach weather. Though the weather was ice cold. Subway and Doc were brave enough to dip there toes in the water, and that was about as brave as any of the 4 of us could get.

Dinner was at Shrimp Michaels and it was fanatastic, though danged expensive. I had soft shell crabs, which is a treat because they do not get up past the Delaware River. Dessert also easily topped the soft shell crabs.

In our next review, its golf and more golf. I know you are all so jealous.


Starrlight said...

So are you entering to win the HGTV Green home in Hilton Head? 900k package in a planned even get your own golf cart!

Christie O. said...

i've always wanted to go there, i hear it's beautiful! welcome back! glad you got to put your feet up for a while.