Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When Fast Eddie is the sane one...

you know that the tri state area is in a heap of trouble.

Last night on the news, it was one of those surreal moments when you have to hit the rewind on the TiVo button. First there was a story about ex NJ Governor McGreevey, who had a source come forward yesterday and say that Mr McGreevey, his wife and himself were involved in multiple threesomes together. Now the source was one of McGreevey's chief of staffs (no pun intended) when he was mayor of Woodbridge, so it may not be the most reputable one, however, getting a look at McGreeveys ex, you could actually see it.

Then, as the news showed the new Governor of New York being sworn in to take over for Spitzer, there was a quick blurb about him mentioning that he and his wife were once swingers. Yes, swingers, or at least engaged in sex with multiple partners while married. The good news was at least that they actually did not pay for it, but that is only small small good news.

What happened to the political state leaders that used to just take bribes, or drive 100 mph down the turnpike without seat belts. Ahh, the good ole days.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sparky just learn to take your good news where you can get it. i am still reeling from mark foley myself!

smiles, bee

Yoshi said...

You know the old political leaders were probably engaged in the same activity, back then it was just easier to cover it up.