Sunday, March 09, 2008

Random Wiki Sunday-Stheneboea

I can hardly pronouce this one, let alone know it was a word to begin with, but Stheneboea is the cattle queen of greek mythology. I get the strange feeling that being the cattle queen was not the strongest queen in the hierarchy.

Stheneboea or Stheneboia (the "strong cow" or "strong through cattle") was the daughter of Iobates, king in Lycia,[1] and consort of Proetus, joint-king in the Argolid with Acrisius, having his seat at Tiryns; she took a fancy to Bellerophon but was repulsed. As in the myth of Potiphar's wife, she testified falsely against Bellerophon, accusing him of advances and even attempted rape to her husband, who sent him on a deadly mission to Iobates. Bellerophon later returned to Tiryns and punished Stheneboea.

Unfortunately I can not locate a picture of Stheneboea, so I guess that means she did not have the face of a cow, that would have certainly been a sight that needed to saved for history.


Anthony said...

I'm a fan of the random Wiki click myself.

I can't imagine why Greek mythology would need a cattle queen, but those people had a lot of time on their hands.

Hyperion said...

Dude, you're freaking 5th on a google search of Stheneboea. How sweet is that?

Starrlight said...

I think my people took a LOT of drugs in ancient times ;)

Bond said...

Was there a King too?