Monday, March 10, 2008

Peco can blow me

I think I may have figured out, at least a little bit, why Philadelphians are always seen as kind of cranky. The companies they deal with when it comes to there utilities suck goat balls.

Honestly, there is a part of me that should cut Peco a break, there were winds up to 80 miles per hour over the weekend, so a power outage should not have been a shock. The timing could have been better, losing power from 7 to 11 pm is not the best thing when Duke vs North Carolina is on TV and you just spent moolah at the supermarket to cook dinner on an electric stove. Plus, one of the reasons that I do not give Peco that much goodwill is because this is the 4th power outage of the winter and the third that hit right around dinner time. And, there customer service sucks, yet they still make sure to charge you $200 bucks a month just for shitty service.

Comcast is the evil spawn of the cable TV. There new building does look shiny and sparkly, even if it might throw off the skyline of Philadelphia, sticking out like a sore thumb, but it would not surprise me if the indoors was painted in gold the way they charge an arm and a leg for overrated TV. Luckily we are not contributors to the evil spawn, that you DirecTV, but you know things are bad when Verizon actually looks good in comparison.


Amy Ruttan said...

Oh man don't get me started on utilities.

Ok so this is not our first snow storm, and I live in Canada. So get this first few snow flakes fall in November, city goes out and plows and says "Whoops, we spent our plow budget for the year. We'll raise taxes."

and my street still has drifts on it.

I get where you're coming from.

Bond said...

Comcast is not so horrible here though the cost is outrageous...Power outages at dinner time .... with great sports

Anthony said...

I'm not a big fan of that Comcast tower either. It's an eyesore that sticks out like ... my cable bill.

Appropriate, somehow.

Starrlight said...

I have not had issues with Comcast. Now Verizon or that horrid QWORST ...bleh.