Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yes Jim, Playoffs

No mention of the NFL playoffs last week, mostly because the games were gaia awful boring. Well, and we were out running around during the Seahawks/Redskins tilt. But this week is one of the best weekends of professional football, the games are always exciting. At least its great, unless you are a Colts or Cowboys fan.

Yesterday, the Packers swept away the Seahawks on the literally frozen tundra of Lambeau field. Ryan Grant made up for 2 fumbles in the first half and rushed for the most yards by a Packer running back ever in the playoffs. The legendary Brett Favre is one win away from another Super Bowl appearance.

Also, New England took care of business and took out the Jacksonville Jaguars. I missed most of this game, so I can not tell you where it all went wrong, though it probably has to do with the fact that the Patriot offense is scary and the Jags usually can not score more then 20 points a game.

Today, now there were some excellent games today. The Colts continued to be tormented by the San Diego Chargers, as Billy Volek and Darren Sproles offensively rallied SD to an unlikely win. No not Phillip Rivers and LaDanian Tomlinson, but Sproles and Volek, or who and who junior. The Charger defense really stepped up and the injuries piled up for the Colts, meaning we will have a new champion this year.

And on the Texas front, its another sad playoff loss for Tony "Ms Simpson" Romo and Wade "If my dad was Bum, what am I" Phillips. The offensive line for the Cowboys broke down in the second half, and for a reason I still can not truly fathom, the Cowboys stopped giving Marion Barber the ball. And Patrick Crayton may have the worst hands in the NFL.

Personally, this is working out quite nicely, as I will have a team to root for in the Super Bowl. The Giants are my family's team, so while I am now an Eagle fan, I could pull for the Big Blue if I have to. And I adore Brett Favre, truly one of my football heroes, so I would love to see him get back to the big game on more time. Bully for me, not so much for Songbird though.

Oh and the title is in reference to this Jim Mora Sr classic moment.


Anthony said...

Actually, the Jags scored 411 points this year, only one less than the Chargers. The oddsmakers hit the over-under on the nose, aggravating my bar buddies to no end. There was no way the Jags were going to win, fancy predictions notwithstanding.

I was thinking that the refs were trying to give the Colts that game, and figured I was just letting my emotions take over, until I heard Boomer say the same thing on the post-game show. If the Colts couldn't beat Volek and Turner, they didn't deserve to win. It's a shame they're so banged up, or else they might give the Pats a run.

Lisa Andel said...

Just dropping in to say HI.

Starrlight said...

Anyone but the Patriots. I can't stand them :P

the108 said...

I'm with Starr... yuck to the Pats.

Desert Songbird said...

The most fun for me would have been Brett Favre and Peyton Manning, duking it out.


I can now root for Brett whole-heartedly.

Bond said...

Songbird needs to keep it in the family and root for Eli...Big Blue is on a roll and just might be the team that can take out the Patriots...they almost did it a few weeks ago and I think their schemes will be even tighter if they have another shot at them