Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Its the Patsies & the Gints

Things did not exactly go as I hoped and planned, at least when it comes to football, as the Giants eeked out an overtime win over the Packers this past weekend. I had been pulling for Brett Favre to get back to one last Super Bowl, but the Giants really outplayed the Packers in every facet of the game. It was exciting, though it would have been more exciting with a Green Bay win, or at least if Green Bay had actually decided to run the ball a bit more, just to loosen up the Giants defense. Plus, the hour long power outage here right in the middle of the game kind of threw off the rooting/cooking mojo. But, thats the breaks of living in the suburbs, trees can be our enemies.

In the first game, the Patriots went to 18-0 and one game away from joining the 1972 Dolphins as the only teams in NFL history to go undefeated through the entire year. San Diego was a tad handicapped through the entire game, with a knee injury to both there top running back and quarterback, though QB Philip Rivers did press through the injury. It was another one of those unexciting Patriots victories. They really are just a better team all around then any other team out there.

So, I think I am going to have to root for New England in the upcoming Super Bowl (gee I hope using the word Super Bowl is not copyright infringement). A few reasons that I can fathom for myself is the fact that the NE coach, Bill Bellichek, is more of a Bill Parcells disciple then Tom Coughlin of the Giants is, even though both of them did coach under the Tuna. Also, if I am going to call myself an Eagle fan, you really can not bring yourself to root for a conference foe when it comes to winning it all. Plus, there is the chance of seeing history factor.

Tune in over the next 2 weeks, because I will be doing a little cheerleading hotness here as prep for the Super Bowl. Cmon, that has got to be better then hearing all about Tom Brady and Eli Manning for the next 2 weeks, isnt it?


Desert Songbird said...

The Super what?

Anthony said...

Yeah, a little better.

Rivers impressed me a little, coming out for the game banged up, while 21 sat the bench cloaked-up like Darth Vader.

"The Big Game" (you can be sued, not me) is a fizzle as far as I'm concerned. The Patriots will do their usual cat playing with a mouse trick and keep the Giants in the game until they decide to pounce - or the film is developed - whichever comes first.

Starrlight said...

Tom Brady does jack and shit for me. I'd rather do Gisele.

Valtool said...

What's up with Tom and the ladies anyway? I read the mini-story about his boot while going to see Gisele, but I swear that within the past year I heard he had a baby with Bridget "I'll kick your ass even if you're a guy" Moynahan from Coyote Ugly.