Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards 08-Well that sucks

At work, I live in a bit of a bubble. I have internet access and email and all that fun stuff, I just do not really have time to go surfing around the web. And for some reason today, I did not check out the news on my cell phone at lunch. Perhaps I felt it would be disheartening news, without knowing what the news was. I did not even get to give John Edwards the Thursday Thirteen kiss of death.

So, the Edwards Presidential Campaign is over well before it ever got itself started. After all the up momentum there was from a second place finish in Iowa, it all faded after that, partly because the candidate could not get himself any footing in the media, and also partly because Obama and Clinton both maybe special.

But, Edwards went out on a high note today, with an excellent speech in New Orleans to "suspend" his campaign without giving anyone any endorsements. At least with this speech, I do not mind the small bits of money that I donated.

And now the race becomes 2 and some doddering old guy who may win a delegate or two in Alaska.


Anthony said...

That's why I don't give any of them any money until after the convention. Even then, I wish I had my Kerry money back.

And, I'm not so sure there's anything "special" about anyone that's left, in spite of all the media romance and celebrity endorsements.

Starrlight said...

I was bummed too, Sparky. And I don't mind having donated either. Now I gotta deal with the two we have left, although we don't have primaries until May. It should be all over after next Tuesday.