Saturday, January 05, 2008

Best of 2 Worlds

I freely admit that I am not only a political junkie, but also a sports geek. Heck, look at my blog postings, its football, politics and babes. Well sorry folks, no babes in this post today.
Tonight two of my favorite things to watch on TV collide in a sensory overload of information and TV clicker flipping. The NFL Playoffs begin and there is a Nationally televised debate on ABC from New Hampshire. I have managed to contain my goosebumps, but it is difficult.
I enjoy the debates with both parties because you are always looking for the flubs/half truths and more times than not they occur, especially since caucus primary season has begun. I even enjoy watching the Republicans debate, just to see how outlandish some of there statements will be. There is a touch of juice lost to the Democratic side for me, because Biden, Dodd and Gravel have all dropped out already. Biden and Dodd would say whatever was on there mind, which had to make the front runners squeamish and Gravel was just a Grandpa Simpson moment waiting to happen. So 7pm eastern time, you know Sparky will be tuned into ABC.
Unless of course, the Seahawks/Redskins game has gone into overtime, then forget it, we are on football. The playoffs are do or die time in the NFL, one mistake and you go home, just as Tony Romo last year. I notice he is not holding for field goals this year. So my sports geek gets fed tonight through Washington playing at Seattle and Jacksonville traveling to Pittsburgh. Though I can not rightfully spend an entire Saturday in front of a TV set, so I will humbly give up the first half of the Seattle game to do other things. I do know how to sacrifice don't I?

Ok, maybe one cheesecake Cheerleader picture.


Desert Songbird said...

You can have your debate, my friend. It's football all the way with me! (I'm so superficial, I know.)

Anthony said...

I think you'll be on football. It's 16 minutes to 7 and the game is still in the third quarter.

Sparky Duck said...

Anthony:Marcus Trufant changed all that

Anthony said...

Yeah, he did. That game went to Hell in a hurry.

I'm watching the Dems now, since the Steelers suck.

Travis said...

Huh? Playoffs are do or die but you can't spend a whole day in front of the tv?

This does not compute Sir!