Saturday, December 01, 2007

On Campus Preview 12/1

Ok, I again missed last week's edition, but there really was not alot to talk about last week, except for the fact that the last undefeated team in Division 1-A football (I refuse to call it the bowl subdivision) is Hawaii courtesy of there win over Boise State. And the reason there are the only ones left is because Kansas lost to Missouri last Saturday. The Jayhawks could not really stop Tony Temple or Chase Daniel and probably also felt a bit of the pressure. And now the BCS could be a complete mess.

This weekend is Conference championship weekend, with title games in the MAC, Conference USA, SEC, Big 12 and ACC conferences respectively. Plus the game between Florida Atlantic and Troy is also a championship game, even though it was already on the schedule for this weekend, because the winner will get the Sun Belt title and probably a trip to the New Orleans Bowl.

Looking ahead, Tennessee will almost certainly lose to LSU, no matter how many rumors that are swirling about the Tigers coach Les Miles. Erik Ainge is just not a big time QB and that will show later on this afternoon. The ACC championship pits BC vs Virginia Tech, an excellent game that really does not mean too much to anyone outside of the Boston and Virginia areas. I guess BC will win, though the it will be close. Whoever wins will mean millions to the school, but little else in the grand scheme of the BCS. Central Florida and Tulsa probably have already kicked off by now, with the winner getting to go to the AXA Liberty Bowl in Memphis. Again, not a game too many people care about, beyond Michael at Valstool Box. I will pick UCF for his sake. Goddess knows who is playing in the MAC championship game, but sheesh, it started 11am in Detroit, now there is a great place to be in the morning isnt it?

There are 3 inportant games this weekend and 1 with great tradition. Missouri plays Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game, Tex and the Cat Wrangler will actually be there since the game is being played in San Antonio. I am hoping the are pulling for Missouri, but since Buckeye is a Ohio State grad and this game would help The Ohio State University get into the BCS championship game with out playing a snap, I am not so sure. Its the big game of the day, and I am hoping for an exciting game, that will be as painful a loss for Oklahoma as possible, because there coach, Bob Stoops, can not suffer and fail enough for my taste. Plus, I have always liked Missouri, its the whole sad sack makes good story.

Also, West Virgina takes on Pittsburgh tonight in the back yard brawl. Again, alot of Ohio fans will be pulling for the Panthers, since this BCS system is so screwed up that they need a WVU or Missouri loss to advance. Ask an Ohioan the last time they hoped anything in Pittsburgh did well and you can see why this year is football chaos.

For big bucks, and to still remain the last undefeated team in the country, Hawaii takes on Washington in Oahu. A Warrior win will almost certainly mean they will get a trip to the Fiesta bowl and will send another WAC team back to the BCS set of bowl games. Plus, it is a huge game for Colt Brennan, who most certainly will not win the Heisman Trophy, but could surely get himself a trip to NYC in a few weeks as a Heisman finalist.

Finally, for the tradition, there is the Army/Navy game. This is one of the fiercest rivalries and even though Army can never really compete with Navy week after week, this game is always up in the air when it comes to a one time yearly battle. Its also a tradition in the Duck household, since Mrs Duck comes from an Army family, and I myself have always been a Navy fan. I have had alot to Quack about the last few years and I fully expect a Navy win, wrapping up another bowl bid someplace.

Yea yea, Oregon plays Oregon State, Arizona takes on Arizona State and USC tangles with UCLA this weekend as well, but most people east of the rockies could care less.

In the smart division, Division 1-AA, the playoffs continue with the QUARTERFINALS of the championship race. They do it right in 1-AA.


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

C-USA Championship Game
12:00pm Orlando, FL

UCF Hosting for the 2nd time in 3 years, also just the third year they have been in C-USA.

Previous C-USA Championship game was also against Tulsa.

UCF is going to their second bowl game in the college's history, the Liberty Bowl on December 29th in Memphis, TN as they beat Tulsa today!

Junior RB Kevin Smith is the most overlooked player not in Heisman contention. The guy set the record for carries ina single season today. He is within a game (will pass Barry Sanders when they play in their bowl) of setting the NCAA record for rushing yards in a single season. Hell, he has averaged over 200 yards a game this season and averaged over 2 touchdowns per game. TODAY HE HAD 4 TOUCHDOWNS!

I'm proud of my alma mater.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

The MU game was such a disappointment. They'd decided before they ever arrived that they couldn't beat Stoops' team.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Just noticed, why is the girl in the olive tank top talking to a Mormon missionary student?